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  1. Mr WordPress Says:

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  2. kozmikkatnip Says:

    For all the ex-boyfriends out there who sell insurance, have an impossible temper, and won’t leave you alone, send me a note when the I-give-a-shit Fairy shows up. Why do these guys who think they love you but are truly in love with the idea of love persist and stalk so-to-speak. I am going to be forced to unfriend yet another person today. So sad but like I really care. I am quite content with the life I hold today and share it with the LOVE OF MY LIFE for life and have for the past 20 years. Ex’s: go the fuck away.

  3. kozmikkatnip Says:

    And my temper has obviously been touched by the fairy today. Sorry guys.

  4. kozmikkatnip Says:

    Today begins with Chocolate Swirl coffee (I know, how kitsch of me; just trying something new,) and YouTube/Facebook check-in. It is an average day of sweeping, mopping, doing laundry, taking out the trash, etc. etc. I think I am lonely. I miss John. I miss our time together during the day. I know work is important but capitalism is tearing our lives in two. To support the family is the most important thing, yet taking care of family’s has output: not there, all the time! I do my part for him. Yet, because I am not working presently, my job is nonexistent in so many people’s eyes. I have a job that I love, which is taking care of John, yet so many see it as 1950’s. I wish it weren’t true that a person’s identifying character is defined by what they do for a living. A household job is as important as the CEO of any company you care to choose. It is a measure of how well you do your job and I do mine DAMN WELL! I am providing the services to make it possible for income to come in by keeping an ambiance of good living, meals to nourish my love, and company and conversation, when he is home, I would consider well worth it. I have no gripes. I am simply trying to make my point that “housewives” earn their daily keep and I find it DELICIOUS!

  5. kozmikkatnip Says:

    I guess no one is reading my blog, but you know, that is okay and, actually, better for me. I have a publicly private journal to share with.
    Today I am anxiety-stricken and the sun looks bleak. I feel my heart pounding in my ears and it is hard to hear the birds sing.

    I am existing in a world with no purpose though the page changes as soon as John comes home and the sun is released from the sheers of the clouds and light shines in me. I hug him and all tension is released. He is my rock. I am so in love.

  6. Amcii Cullum Says:

    I feel so alone and isolated at the moment. I have to go to the doctor today. I put a big gash in my achilles tendon on my left foot via my front door, a piece of metal sticking out of the edge of it. I am and have been depressed and cannot, no matter, what you may think or believe, “snap out of it.” I am not interested in anything and my World of Warcraft account needs to be updated and paid for. No little pleasures in life atm. I will just enjoy my coffee to the best of my ability this morning and smoke a lot of cigarettes. That usually seems to get the good chemicals flowing. It’s worth a shot.

  7. kozmikkatnip Says:

    Why can’t people love you for who you are, think you are wonderful despite your flaws, and care no matter what. I thought that is what love was. I guess I was wrong. Love hurts.

  8. kozmikkatnip Says:

    …no matter what?*

  9. kozmikkatnip Says:

    Life is like a roller coaster and I don’t think my adrenaline button in my brain is working.

  10. kozmikkatnip Says:

    There was no break through to the achilles tendon, thank God, but I did have an infected wound which I got not only an injection of antibiotics locally, but a harsh oral antibiotic I have to take 4 times a day. It is knocking the shit out of me right now. Advil is my best friend right now.

  11. Amcii Cullum Says:

    I was inspired by Piper Walker for this. It is my own rendition of a recipe. Be creative, be natural, make the dough from scratch and let it rise, make a lattice print with sugar sprinkles on top, and molasses is the secret ingredient. My blueberry pie; haven’t made it in a long time but it was usually gone before sunbreak.

  12. Zephryium Says:

    Vile insects invade
    corpses left unmade
    to be worked on at a later date. Writing is not good at this time. I am going through some depression and having trouble thinking clearly. Any help out there in the form of advice?

  13. Amcii Cullum Says:

    Everyone should see Transformers 3. Sorry guys if you missed this one on July 4th. It was the most absurd movie ever, but there is no way you can’t love it for that. You WILL laugh your ass off.

  14. Amcii Cullum Says:

    You know, I often wonder how it is that the world is so incredible if there is no Creator. If there is really nothing after life, then why do we suffer amongst such beauty in this natural world. There must be opposing forces of nature. This may be why the Wiccans are so obsessed with nature and the elements. I can understand that. I would like to see how it is that the Catholic church holding religion over people in history has erupted into religion as a form of control and silencing of the people to a degree as it was during the days of the Catholic oligarchy.
    It appears that religion will lead to the ultimate demise of every society in the hypocrisy that is innately founded in man trying to interpret the spiritual. There, of course, will be faltering.

  15. amcii777 Says:

    Reblogged this on EVERYONE NEEDS A PET DRAGON and commented:
    This a very old and one of my first fatal and embarrassing attemots to blog. I can laugh at how depressing my life is here as it is no secret when you read these absurdly insane posts. Just thought I’d share this embarrassing work with anyone who needs some amusement. It is true though that I was obviously going through a rough spell at the time. Just how idiotic I am to spell it out so profoundly to the world?

  16. cantrellgonzales10 Says:

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